Master The Art Of Photography In Full Manual Without Editing

Basic To Master 1 On 1 Private Guidance & 6 Pax Small Size Group Learning Sessions Available

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Learn It Right The First Time With Keith In Pictorial’s Photography Course Singapore!

"Our Mission is to provide every keen learners with our utmost attention! Hence our outdoor practical approach to photography learning involves more personal touch with small class sizes of only 6 participant per session. 

With years of experience guiding photography participants from all walks of life, we truly understand how confusing photography jargon and camera settings could be for beginners picking up photography. That's the reason why we chose to structure our photography learning in an outdoor environment with more practical outdoor lessons, as seeing is more believing. Your photography Mentor demonstrates live within the photography course systematically on confusing photography jargon in an fun and approachable manner, optimizing participants learning process within a short time frame.  

In summary, within the practical photography course Singapore, our approach in learning photography allow you to develop your photography in a guided and holistic manner by using full manual control of your camera without the aid of any editing software to create a fabulous picture, while receiving plenty of attention from your photography mentor within the photography course. Look forward to see you in our series of photography course Singapore"- Keith Low, Founder 
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Pictorial Photography Course Singapore was founded by Keith Low in 2005. Since then Pictorial has been providing reliable and professional photography services for various government and private sector organizations both locally and internationally. As a specialist, Keith has worked in the corporate sector serving as a regional product trainer for Panasonic and a product manager for Olympus before establishing Pictorial Photography Course Singapore.

As an absolute enthusiast for photography in the past 29 years, he have owned 66 cameras from different camera makers. Inspired by Keith’s enthusiasm in cameras, photography & mobile technology, opportunities was provided to him from numerous camera manufacturers such as Sony Asia Pacific, Olympus Imaging Singapore, Fujifilm Singapore, Nikon Singapore & Huawei Mobile, Zeiss Singapore representing the brands in areas such as product launches, sponsored image sampling, product training & seminars, product reviews and talks, photowalks, and beta product testing.

As a photography mentor, Keith has conducted product and photography training in Singapore for esteemed brands & organisations such as Sony, Olympus, FujiFilm, Nikon, Zeiss Singapore, Harvey Norman, Chanel Singapore, Singtel, Sinda, Civil Service Club, Singapore Police Force, Raffles Institution, Singapore Institute of Management, Institute of Technical Education and The Singapore Army. With his fantastic product knowledge and high level of technical expertise, Keith is frequently called upon to act as a consultant for various camera makers in the region. As a private mentor, Keith has also trained over 16000 participants during various Pictorial outdoor photography course Singapore since 2005, With his never ending pursue of photography and technical knowledge, he has already conducted photography/product training for most of the camera dealers in Singapore since 2005 representing various esteemed camera brands such as Sony, Olympus, FujiFilm, Nikon & Zeiss.

Keith’s comprehensive and systematic approach encourages students to learn the fundamentals of photography in a practical and holistic manner, so as to produce a complete photographer. All these experiences gathered over 29 years makes him the best available photography mentor you will ever find locally.



Develop a strong photographic foundation with experienced Professional Photographers who have covered thousands of assignments. Our Standard Basic Photography Course Singapore is perfect for individuals with little to no photography knowledge.

Intermediate LEVEL

The power of imagination & creativity highlights the difference between photographers. Our intermediate photography course is specifically designed to develop the critical thinking process and improve visual literacy in comprehending images.


Our Journeyman Comprehensive Photography Course brings any complete beginner up to speed in just 8 sessions of photography training. We equip you aesthetically and technically in Photography required for producing an inspiring pictures.


Explore new horizons with our Overseas Photography Tour! Wander through exotic foreign locales and learn new techniques in this photography adventure experience! What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the journey of a lifetime!


This one year long program allows participants to gain a deeper understanding of speciality photography concepts such as Macro Photography and Black & White Photography and lots more.


We offer specialized photography course in areas such as Macro, Landscape & Studio Photography. Be mentored by photography mentors with decades of experience such as Keith Low and more!


Need a more customized photography course? We also offer one on one personal training sessions with renowned photographer Keith Low. Feel free to contact us or check the course pages for more details.


No job too big or too small! Pictorial offers a full range of photography services that is guaranteed to meet all your requirements! Contact us for more details.


  • My interest for photography has started 2 years ago when I joined the Pictorial photography class. The lessons are very practical and hands-on, conducted by Keith. After attending some basic and intermediate lessons, I see vast improvement – able to control my camera in manual mode and picture composition. My passion for good photography grew stronger ever and I pursued the Pictorial master class. I am glad to receive guidance from Keith as I work towards improving my photography skill to the next level.

    John Chee
    John CheeCanon DSLR/Olympus Mirrorless User
  • Taking the Comprehensive 9 sessions course was probably the best decision I've made in starting my journey in undergoing professional training. Under your guidance, I have shot in Full Manual mode since the day I got my DSLR and everytime I shoot, I get reminded of the tips that you would always provide and remind us about. Through your course, I managed to build a strong foundation in my photography skills which further enabled me to explore other means of photography. Thank you for always believing in me and encouraging me to believe in myself and in my abilities.

    Amanda Goh
    Amanda GohCanon DSLR User
  • Our original plan is to just spend our Sunday morning doing the Fundamental Photography workshop. At the end of the workshop at noon; we were so pleased with the images that we had captured that we decided to continue immediately with the "Three-Day Photography Workshop" starting on the same afternoon. Though tired at the end of the day; we went home with a big smile on our face.

    Spencer & Janice
    Spencer & JaniceCanon & Panasonic Users