Basic+ Photography Course
Urban Exploration.

9HRS – 4 SESSIONS – $250 (Group Training) / $480 (Private Training)


For Users Whom Have Obtained Basic Understanding Of Photography & Seeking To Enhance Basic Composition

Basic+ Photography Course Introduction

In the world of photography, the power of imagination brings the difference between photographers. Equipment used might be similar, however thoughts on creation of the picture in similar condition by different photographers will bring forth different creative results.Creative expertise is all about combining modern theory with relevant functional abilities. Our program is specifically designed to the critical thinking process, visual literacy in comprehending images and their final implementations. Basically it equips amateur learner aesthetically, mechanically and professionally for a future in photography.

Video and audio works hand in hand to bring the best in videography, but how about photography? Unlike videography, photographers do not have the advantage of using audio effects to enhance the overall ambiance of a picture, so photographers have to be extremely sensitive to their surroundings, even to the smallest and slightest details, to bring forth the “feel” of a picture. This is what Pictorial Basic+ photography course is all about.

To create an aspiring picture requires your power of imagination, eye for photography even to the slightest details, continuous practice, your knowledge in camera functions, photography know-how. No amount of words can compete with the power of a creatively taken picture and no photographer can capture a picture without using their imagination.

Covering some of the most popular location in Singapore for photography, our basic+ photography course will equip you with further camera know how, higher basics photography techniques & lots of hands on experiences in practical at various popular photography locations under different conditions including shooting in night & the ability to use flash. We will also share with you our photography experiences as a professional photographer.

After completing our basic+ photography course, be sure that you will be able to create pictures that will impress your friends or family.

Join Pictorial’s Founder Keith on a exclusive photography journey with 4 Sessions Basic+ Photography Course at Pulau Ubin Island, Chinatown, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Merlion Park Singapore.

Basic+ Photography Course Outline

Outdoor Practical Shooting I

  • Guidelines in Creating A Strong Story
  • Bringing the “Soul” In Your Picture Using Black And White Photography
  • Using Zone Focusing Techniques
  • Understanding And Using Dynamic Range/D Lighting and HDR
  • Introduction to Blind Shooting
  • Various Panning Techniques

Outdoor Practical Shooting II & III

  • Going For Creative Angles
  • Creating Foreground To Complement Pictures
  • Using Aperture To Complement Landscape
  • Advance Understanding In Using White Balance To Complement Pictures
  • Balancing Light & Shadow
  • Dealing With Tricky Indoor Lighting
  • Shooting In Low Light
  • In Depth Understanding of Exposure in Colors

Outdoor Practical Night Shooting

  • Extremes Of Light
  • Light In Stops, Calculation
  • Handling Tricky Lighting Conditions
  • Getting a Better Result in Night Landscape
  • Dodging & Burning Without Post Processing Software

Course Details

Key Areas Of Photography Covered

Macro, Closeup, Still-life, Street, Landscapes, Travel, Advanced Night, Black & White, &  Indoor Photography

No. of Sessions

4 Outdoor Practical Sessions

Course Duration

  • 1st Session – Chinatown, 2Hrs (Practical)
  • 2nd Session – Pulau Ubin, 3Hrs (Practical)
  • 3rd Session – Merlion Park, 2Hrs, Starts at 6.30pm (Practical Night Photography, Laser Show Marina Bay Sands)
  • 4th Session – Chinatown Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, 2Hrs (Practical)

Course Fees

  • Group Training (6 Participants Class Size, Minimum 1 Participant to Start) – $250 in total per participant.
  • 1 to 1 Private Training  – $480 in total per participant, Bring additional partner at $168 per participant

Misc. Information

  • Basic+ Photography Course Completion Certificate
  • Full Flexibility On Re-Scheduling, When You Need To Travel or Due To Personal Commitments
  • For 1 to 1 Private Training, Mandarin Speaking Available

Suitable For

Users with background in photography basics and basic compositions who wishes to explore more creative impressions in pictures.

Course Requirement

  • Tripod (Complimentary Rental Available At Registration Page)
  • Any Camera With Full Manual Control (Complimentary Rental Available At Registration Page)

Gallery Examples

Some examples of the types of pictures you’ll be learning how to shoot during the course.