Landscape Photography Course

7HRS – 3 SESSIONS – $230(Group Training) / $380(Private Training)

Course Introduction

Practiced correctly and creatively, landscape photography in Singapore can be one of the most fascinating ways to capture and beautify the simplest of a scene.  This photography course is designed to teach you how to use of depth-of-field, ambient light, focus, white balance color shift, various filter such as ND, Grad, colored and exposure to their most optimum level, in order to make the most powerful close-up and great landscape photographs possible. You’ll discover subjects and ways of composing you never realized existed, see them in ways you never have before and press the shutter button to create stunning photographs of it all.

Since this is a specialty practical photography course, it is recommended you are already well verse in the basic controls of you camera and have some basic photography knowledge.

Landscape Photography Course Outline

Theory+Practical Session

  • Understanding Different Filters
  • Landscape Settings For Your Camera
  • How Aperture and Shutter Speed Compliment Your Pictures
  • Landscape Compositions

Outdoor Shooting I & II

  • Composition in Landscape
  • Common aperture and shutter setting to create inspiring pictures
  • Using filters to enhance results without editing
  • Choosing the correct color balance
  • Getting the correct exposure in tricky lighting
  • Photo critique & review

Course Details

Area Of Photography Covered


No. of Sessions

3 Outdoor Sessions

Note: As it is not always possible to anticipate the weather, Pictorial will make up for any session when the weather condition is less than ideal. 

Course Duration

  • 7 hours total
  • 1st Session, Evening: Punggol Settlement (Outdoors) – 2 hours (5.45pm)
  • 2nd Session, Afternoon: Pulau Ubin (Outdoors) – 3 hours (12.30pm)
  • 3rd Session, Evening: Marina Barrage (Outdoors) – 2 hours (6.00pm)

Course Fees

  • Group Training (6 Participants Class Size, Minimum 2 Participant to Start) – $230 in total per participant.
  • 1 to 1 Private Training – $380 in total per participant, Bring additional partner at $114 per participant

Misc. Information

  • Full Flexibility On Re-Scheduling, When You Need To Travel or Due To Personal Commitments
  • Certificate Of Photography Course Completion
  • For 1 to 1 Private Training, Mandarin Speaking Available

Suitable For

Users with photography knowledge of camera functions, lenses usage & basic composition.

Please Bring Along (Compulsory):

  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Tripod (Rental Available At Registration Page)
  • Circular Polarizer
  • ND Grad/ND

Gallery Examples

Some examples of the types of pictures you’ll be learning how to shoot during the course.