Pictorial Masterclass

12 Session – $788(Group Training) / $1288(Private Training)

Course Introduction

Congratulations, so far you have done well in our Basic to Advanced Photography Course, ready To discover the world of photography? By joining us, it will sculpt you into the photographer you wish to be. Get ready to discover Photography!

If you have already attended our courses, you will know what our expectations in picture creation are. However to fully achieve our expectations, it will demand more time and much more effort, even to the extent of purchasing camera equipment in some stages of this maximum 6-12 months long course.(1 or 2 session per month)

This is a private club we have for our faithful participants, who have gone through various stages of photography for the past months.

Throughout these classes, you will gain a deeper understanding of specialty photography concepts such as:

  • Macro Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Black & White Photography
  • Travel Photography
  • Still Photography
  • Night Photography



Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an itinerary or course outline?

No there isn’t, you are going to roam around in Singapore with Keith to gain actual shooting experience. In short, this course is all about practical experiences.

Where will we be going for practice?

It depends on weather conditions; the route is not fixed, until 2 weeks before workshop commencement.

How many courses in a month?

Twice, 1 weekend (Day) & 1 weekday (Night)

How many hours per course day?

2 hours to 6 hours, it varies from location to location.

Can I postpone some parts of the course if I have emergency call?

Yes, of course you can. However please try your very best to attend every session of the course.

Can I pay in instalments for the course fee?

No instalment of any form will be accepted.

How can I qualify for this course?
  • 3 pictures to be submitted for qualifying assessment, registration does not qualify you for this course. Pictorial needs to see if you will be able to manage this course well through the above assessment.
  • Completed 4 Session Basic & 4 Sessions Intermediate/Advanced or 8 Sessions Comprehensive Course.

Course Details

Course Duration

  • Once Per Month, Total 12 Sessions on Saturday
  • Each Session 3-5hours
  • For registration of this course/club, please contact Keith at +65 84887773 or drop an email to Keith@pictorial.com.sg

Course Fees

  • Group Training  – $788 per participant.
  • 1 on 1 Private Training  – $1288 per participant.

Misc. Information

  • Not Available

Suitable For

 Pictorial students who have participated in intermediate courses, or the Journeyman course.
We recommend that you have:

  • Prime Lens (E.g. 35mm, 50mm)
  • Longer Zoom Lens (E.g. 70-300mm or 55-200mm)
  • Tripod