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Beginners Course

Photography 101

Photography 101

4 Sessions In Total: 1 Theory + 3 Outdoor Outdoor Practical Sessions (Including Night Photography)

2 Hours Per Session

Mentor : Keith Low

Join Our Group Class - $320/Participant

Private 1-1 (Date/Time Flexibility/Focus On Individual Learning & Camera Understanding) - $600, Bring Another Partner For $300

Phoneography Course

Phoneography Course

Short Theory & Practical + 1 Outdoor Practical Lessons

2-2.5 Hours Per Session

Mentor : Keith Low

Join Our Group Class - $235/Participant

Private 1-1 With (Date/Time Flexibility/Focus On Individual Learning & Camera Understanding) - $380, Bring Another Friend For $190

Intermediate & Advanced Courses

Urban Exploration

Urban Exploration

5 Sessions In Total: 5 Outdoor Practical Sessions

2-3 Hours Every Session

Mentor : Keith Low

Join Our Group Class - $450/Participant

Private 1-1 (Date/Time Flexibility/Focus On Individual Learning & Camera Understanding) - $800, Bring Another Friend For $400

Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography

3 Practical Sessions

2-3 Hours Per Session

Mentor : Keith Low

Join Our Group Class - $325/Participant For 3 Sessions

Private 1-1 (Date/Time Flexibility/Focus On Individual Learning & Camera Understanding) - $450 For 3 Sessions, Bring Another Friend For $225

Monthly Photowalk

Monthly PhotoWalk

12 Sessions In Total: 10 Outdoor Practical Sessions + 2 Photo Critique

2.5-3.5 hours per session

Join Our Group Class - $725/Participant

Private 1-1 (Date/Time Flexibility/Focus On Individual Learning & Camera Understanding) - $1200

Photography Mentor: Keith Low

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Package Courses (More Savings)

Journeyman (Basic + Intermediate)

Journeyman (Basic + Intermediate)

10 Sessions In Total: 1 Theory + 9 Outdoor Practical Sessions (4 Session Basic + 5 Session Intermediate + 1 Re-visit Session)

Please Refer To Individual Page For Course Contents

2-3 hours Every Session

Mentor : Keith Low

Join Our Group Class - $529

Private 1-1 (Date/Time Flexibility/Focus On Individual Learning & Camera Understanding) - $1099

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22 Sessions In Total: 4 Sessions Basic + 5 Sessions Intermediate + 1 Revisit Session + 12 Sessions Photowalk

Please Refer To Individual Page For Course Contents

2-3.5 hours per session

Mentor : Keith Low

Join Our Group Class - $1099/Participant

Private 1-1 (Date/Time Flexibility/Focus On Individual Learning & Camera Understanding) - $1899

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Student's Testimonials

About Keith

Photography Course Singapore
Keith Low, Founder

Keith founded pictorial in 2005. Since then he has conducted more than 6000 sessions of lessons with an estimated amount of more than 20000 participants.

Since the age of 12, Keith has been an absolute enthusiast for photography. And for the past 33 years, he has owned 69 cameras, and hundreds of different lenses from camera makers, of which more than half are purchased by himself and others sponsored by camera makers.

Some of his personal favorites are the Fujifilm GFX50s, Fujifilm X100F, Canon 5D Mark IV, Leica M240, Fujifilm X-Pro1 & 2, Nikon D810/D850, Olympus E-M1, Sony RX1r II, Alpha A7s, Pentax K1 Mark II, K5ii & Ricoh GR. Hence Keith’s wealth of product knowledge span all brands, such as Leica, Nikon, Fujifilm, Canon, Sony, Olympus Panasonic & Pentax.

Before Pictorial, Keith has worked at Panasonic Asia-Pacific as a regional trainer in consumer electronics and since then, he actively conducts workshops regionally and locally for both consumers and retailers. Within 12 years of his corporate career, Keith was headhunted by Olympus Imaging Singapore as a product manager.

Inspired by Keith’s enthusiasm for cameras, photography & mobile technology, opportunities were provided to him by numerous camera manufacturers such as Sony Asia Pacific, Olympus Imaging Singapore, Fujifilm Singapore, Nikon Singapore, Huawei, Zeiss Singapore & Gitzo representing the brands in areas such as photography workshops, product launches, sponsored image sampling, product training & seminars, product reviews and talks, photo walks, and beta product testing. Also, he has hosted numerous overseas expeditions for the customers of the represented camera maker.

Keith joined Fujifilm Singapore as the official X-Photographer from 2012-2017 after collaborating with Sony Singapore, after he left and join Nikon Singapore as a Nikon School Photography Course Singapore Instructor till the end of the year 2018

With his passion for training and love for photography, coupled with chances and opportunities given by his employers, Keith accumulated a vast amount of experience in Photography and Technical Know-How, after which he decided to quit his full-time job in Olympus and went pro to set up Pictorial photography course.

With his never-ending pursuit of photography and technical knowledge, Keith has already conducted photography/product training for most of the camera dealers in Singapore since 2008 representing various esteemed photography brands & for reputable organizations such as Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Nikon School, Zeiss Singapore, Harvey Norman, Far East Organisation, Ministry Of Trade, CDAC, Chanel Singapore, SingTel, Sinda, Civil Service Club, Singapore Police Force, Raffles Institution, Chung Cheng High School, Singapore Institute of Management, Institute of Technical Education and The Singapore Army.

Appreciating his wealth of product knowledge and high level of technical expertise, Keith is frequently called upon by camera makers to provide his valuable opinions on the making of future cameras and assistance in starting their photography courses.

Keith runs the operation of the Pictorial Photography Course Singapore. Due to his nature as a perfectionist, he undertakes the role of a photography mentor in most photography courses to provide the best quality learning available.

During many brainstorming sessions during his” sabbatical” trips to various photographic locations in Singapore and overseas, Keith realized that the best way to guide photography to others would be to learn it in an outdoor environment, where conditions and photo opportunities are constantly changing. Keith aspires to keep challenging himself to think outside the box by taking artistically created pictures in every shoot.

He also loves to ‘de-mystify the technical aspect of photography by making it easier for others to understand, through Pictorial photography course Singapore.

Our Photography Philosophy

Contrary to popular photography beliefs. Editing software shouldn’t be included in pursuing a good understanding of photography.

Using editing software is not a bad process, however for photographers or beginners with light or no foundation, editing functions within the software could deter you from exploring the actual use of photography settings within a real-world application. This creates an obstacle for any photographer to gain the patience which has been a traditional value of a photographer and something essential for any photographer to gain, The Eye for photography.

At the same time the more you edit the more aggressive the application of the settings will be within a picture, in time once you rely more on an editing software, the photography moment you try to capture will be shrouded with a very digitalized look. Rather than using the correct balance of light and shadow to create pictures that promote emotion.

For any courses you are signing up for, you will discover that editing is always part of the content. But it is the correct method of discovering what photography is all about or it is just a process that hogs the authentic photography experience that beginners in photography must walk through?

Do you know your digital camera packed with the latest technology from the maker is fully capable of creating marvellous pictures without the usage of editing software? As opposed to what majority of other photography schools’ guiding methodology, our photography courses advocate more on providing our participants with a holistic approach to learning photography by not using any editing software. Our photography courses provide an organic approach for any beginners starting to explore the world of photography.

You shouldn’t take too many in-class sessions as learning photography is not done by taking down notes in classes. To maximize the techniques, gain in our photography courses, and gain real shooting experiences outdoors, you need to go out there and see how lighting changes, understand the characteristics of your camera/lenses and see the fault within yourself thus rectifying it.

However, the differences between shooting by yourself and with a professional photographer bring a big gap in the learning curve, you can’t see your fault that is, you will need a professional photographer with years of experience to guide you in a photography course. You will be amazed at the end of your chosen photography course; photo editing is no longer required in your list of “must-do” for photography.

To ensure quality learning for all participants in our photography courses, we’ve decided to conduct our photography courses in a 4 pax small class or 1 on 1 private class learning format. So that every Pictorial photography course participant will receive the best quality guidance from our photography mentor while keeping our prices as reasonable as possible. Not to mention, participants will get to enjoy scheduling & rescheduling flexibility.

Through our years of conducting photography courses, Keith has carefully arranged our contents in teaching, allowing participants who have zero or near-zero knowledge to obtain a strong foundation in photography techniques and pictures built to impress without the aid of any editing software in a short period.

Keith will personally guide you into their world of artistic photography.

Some Of Our Clients

Given our proud track record and passion for photography, Pictorial has won the confidence and trust of some of the most respectable local-based organizations. Below are some of our photography courses clients.

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