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Good Pictures Never Requires Editing

“Pictorial’s mission in guiding photography is to provide photography learners with genuine photography techniques leveraging on latest available camera technology, lenses & photography filters to create better pictures without the use of any editing software ! Think about this. Producing a good image from a poorly taken picture can take hours sitting in front of a computer. How long does it take to get it right in the first place? About 1/500 of a second. It’s ain’t easy, but definitely possible! The best way to learn and gain experience in photographic techniques is to go outdoor and practice, instead of reading photography books, signing up for online photography courses or spending endless nights browsing photography related contents through the internet. You can’t have too much theory sessions as photography is not done by taking down notes in classes. To understand photography, gaining real shooting experiences outdoor, you need to go out there and see how lighting changes, understand the characteristics of your camera/lenses and see the fault within yourself thus rectifying it.

Our Commitment To You

To enhance learning further, we have taken the approach of providing 1 to 1 private lessons & 6 pax only small group learning format, providing every participant with utmost attention in our series of photography courses in a cohesive outdoor environment. To return our gratitude, for any participants whom have registered with us, in the event if there is only 1 participant for any listed schedule, we will still carry on to conduct the course without cancellation. This is our commitment to our participants and as a mission statement for a never ending pursue of providing better learning experience.

Your Friendly Mentor

Keith is a full time professional mentor for the past 14 years, after retiring from providing professional shooting assignments. Keith had already conducted more then 8000 sessions of photography courses & workshops, and has trained more then 16000 participants till date. He is also the most requested external product & photography mentor for local camera dealers representing most of the most renowned camera makers. With his wealth of product knowledge and high level of technical expertise, Keith is frequently called upon by camera makers to provide his valuable opinions to the make of future cameras and also providing sample pictures for newly launched camera system. As an absolute photography enthusiast, he owns 69 cameras and hundreds of lenses as a testament of his passion in photography. Inspired by Keith’s enthusiasm in cameras, photography & mobile technology, opportunities was provided to him from numerous camera manufacturers such as Sony Singapore, Olympus Imaging Singapore, FujiFilm Singapore, Nikon Singapore & Huawei Mobile, Zeiss Singapore representing the brands in areas such as photography workshops, product launches, sponsored image sampling, product training & seminars, product reviews and talks, photowalks, and beta product testing. During the photography course & classes, Keith demonstrates unique photography techniques, covering essential photography jargon and sharing his photography secrets discovered over his years as a professional photographer & mentor in an aspiring yet approachable manner, optimizing your learning process within a short time frame.

Latest Student’s Testimonials

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Develop a strong photographic foundation with experienced Professional Photographers who have covered thousands of assignments. Our 4 Sessions Photography 101 Course is perfect for individuals with little to no photography knowledge.

Intermediate LEVEL

The power of imagination & creativity highlights the difference between photographers. Creativity 101 photography course is specifically designed to develop the critical thinking process and improve visual literacy in comprehending images. Join Us Now.


Our Journeyman basic to intermediate photography course brings any complete beginner up to speed in just 9 sessions of photography training. We equip you aesthetically and technically in Photography required for producing inspiring pictures.


We offer a wide range of specialized photography course specialized photography course in areas such as Macro, Landscape Photography. Be mentored by photography mentors with decades of experiences and learn genuine photography techniques.

Extended Learning

Our Masterclass extends learning experiences by allowing participants to gain a deeper understanding of specialty photography concepts such as Macro Photography, Landscape Photography and lots more.

Customised Learning

Need a more customized photography course? We also offer one on one personal training sessions with renowned photographer Keith Low. Feel free to contact us or check the course pages for more details.


No job too big or too small! Pictorial offers a full range of photography services for any personal events or corporate functions that is guaranteed to meet all your requirements! Contact us for more details.


  • My interest for photography has started 2 years ago when I joined the Pictorial photography class. The lessons are very practical and hands-on, conducted by Keith. After attending some basic and intermediate lessons, I see vast improvement – able to control my camera in manual mode and picture composition. My passion for good photography grew stronger ever and I pursued the Pictorial master class. I am glad to receive guidance from Keith as I work towards improving my photography skill to the next level.

    John Chee
    John Chee Canon DSLR/Olympus Mirrorless User
  • Taking the Comprehensive 9 sessions course was probably the best decision I've made in starting my journey in undergoing professional training. Under your guidance, I have shot in Full Manual mode since the day I got my DSLR and everytime I shoot, I get reminded of the tips that you would always provide and remind us about. Through your course, I managed to build a strong foundation in my photography skills which further enabled me to explore other means of photography. Thank you for always believing in me and encouraging me to believe in myself and in my abilities.

    Amanda Goh
    Amanda Goh Canon DSLR User
  • Our original plan is to just spend our Sunday morning doing the Fundamental Photography workshop. At the end of the workshop at noon; we were so pleased with the images that we had captured that we decided to continue immediately with the "Three-Day Photography Workshop" starting on the same afternoon. Though tired at the end of the day; we went home with a big smile on our face.

    Spencer & Janice
    Spencer & Janice Canon & Panasonic Users
  • Dear Keith, Thanks for your guidance this far in my first try in DSLR/DSLT camera. You've been very professional and patient in your teachings. I really appreciate your commitment to make sure I learn somthing from you at the end of each session. 🙂 I've uploaded some of the pictures taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Fort Canning for viewing. Cheers!

    Thomas Chee
    Thomas Chee Sony SLT User
  • After a long search, I chose Keith from Pictorial. I was astonished at the amount of time and preparation he put into his photography, he is both passionate and enthusiastic. I would recommend Keith to anyone out there who is looking to take their photography to a new level.

    Oliver Clevene
    Oliver Clevene Canon User
  • We just bought our first DSLR recently, but all we know is just using the auto and scene mode, which turn out to be not as what we wanted it to be. Thanks to Keith, with his professional knowledge, patience and guidance, we are able to capture photos that we want with Full Manual. The workshop is simple to understand, yet comprehensive. It not only allow us to understand our camera better, but most importantly, to understand what causes a good photo... something that we have never thought of eg. composition, framing, shooting from different angles etc... We had lots of fun, and learnt a lot, even impressed our friends with our progress... Thanks again and we look forward to our intermediate workshop soon...

    Alex, Ming Yang & Li Ling
    Alex, Ming Yang & Li Ling Nikon Users
  • Hi Keith, Thanks for your kind guidance & sharing your rich experience with us. This workshop boosted my confidence & your comments were really helpful during the workshops. Though I was playing around with the DSLR from last 8-9 years, this 3 day’s workshop gave me more understanding about the techniques & settings than those may years. As discussed, I will continue to put my effort to master the photography & will come back to you to get the constructive feedback & comments to further improve my skills.

    Rajesh Canon User
  • Hi, Yong Meng here wanna thank Keith and the rest of the students for the sharing session! Thanks for giving me a very positive first step towards the world of photography. Keith was very patient and I can recognize the effort he puts in for us. Thank you once again

    Yong Meng
    Yong Meng Canon User
  • As a totally fresh beginner with absolutely zero knowledge on digital SLR photography, I was very happy that after the 3-day workshop with Keith, I was shooting on full manual mode! The hands on approach enabled me to confidently go forth and continue experimenting, exploring and shooting on my own. I’m really pleased with the results I’ve been able to achieve with my photos post the workshop; even my family and friends are most impressed. It also helps knowing that I can always go back and ask questions and advice from Keith, who is most passionate about his art.

    Sue & Friend
    Sue & Friend Konica Minolta DSLR User
  • The workshop was something above my expectation!!! I wanted to learn just the basics of picture shooting, but the workshop taught me "photography". I owned my DSLR about one year but never had a chance to participate workshops. But with my baby's arrival, I thought it is the time for me to learn the basics so that the pictures will be improved. The pictures I used take were snap shots and close-up shots of items that I wanted to upload to my blog. During the workshop, I learn how to control the color and the light that are really important for the photos. Moreover, it has taught me how to create the environment or the air in your photo, i.e. how to dramatize your photo. Of course, I'm still learning. But I hope one day I will take photos with a drama. There are no right or wrong in photography, but the basics will help you get the pictures you want!

    Ms. Eriko Kobayashi
    Ms. Eriko Kobayashi Olympus DSLR User
  • Firstly thank you for an enjoyable, informative and excellent day yesterday - value for money and worth every penny. My son was so enthusiastic about it that when I dropped him off to school, we took the camera and he got some action shots on the road!!!

    Jayant & Son
    Jayant & Son Sony Alpha DSLR User
  • I was given a beginner photo course with Keith at Pictorial as a Christmas present. Up until I met him my camera was stuck on creative auto mode and the terms aperture and ISO could very well have been Swahili for all I knew. I loved snapping away, but simply did not have the foundations and guidelines in place to work with. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone with such a good combination of passion and knowledge about a particular field as Keith. Despite admittedly not always understanding the intricacies of the camera at first, I was captivated by Keith’s delivery and philosophy of ‘one click, one shot’. The range of information he gave about every type of camera out there made it obvious why he is hired by so many companies to test out their new cameras or for photo excursions etc. I enjoyed the group sessions, but my favorite was the fourth session that I had as a one on one. The night photography part. My pictures had previously always been shaky or my friends’ faces were that of ghosts, and I could only dream of making light trail and long exposure photographs. In only a single, one to one lesson, I covered night portraits, long exposure shots and made killer pictures using light drawing. As a follow up from each session, Keith sent me slides or messages with the settings needed for a particular shot which will definitely help me to practice until it becomes more second nature. It was a top-notch experience and I got so much out of it. After I’ve vamped up my current camera equipment from a Canon 600D to a FujiFilm X100F I will be getting back in touch with Keith to book more sessions. I simply couldn’t recommend anyone better. Thank you, Keith!

     Lauren Jones
    Lauren Jones Canon DSLR User