Ricoh GR in Sri Lanka 2013

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Golden Temple, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers professional and aspiring photographers some unique photo opportunities in wildlife, culture and nature photography. One amazing aspect that photographers in Sri Lanka will enjoy is the fact that they can travel from a mountainous landscape, to the beaches, to rain forests, to dry zone forests in a matter of hours enabling you to go on an absolute clicking spree. Get the most amazing landscape and seascape photos from some stunning locations, wildlife pictures and immerse yourself in a culture that dates back over 3,000 years


Phew! Just got some time before I sleep to post some pictures taken from Ricoh GR(2013) on a recent photography tour with my students in Sri Lanka. Truly amazing ! Both country and the camera. Meanwhile hope you will enjoy the posted pictures. Pictures posted are without post processing, using just camera’s inbuilt filters. All pictures taken via GW-3 wide angle converter.

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