More Pictures From The FujiFilm XE2, 3 Thumbs Up !

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fujifilm xe2
Fujifilm Xe-2 with 23mm F1.4

X-E2 is the latest camera offered by FujiFilm targeted at…enthusiast and every single XTran Lovers ! It does not have any revolutionary new feature, but was improved from the X-E1 in almost every way, from the already very competed camera, minus off a few minor issues, which wonderful FujiFilm is always prompt with their firmware upgrades to iron them off in time.

So.. was there at the FujiFilm Showroom at Funan IT Mall, and was rather impress by the improvements over my X-Pro1, played with it for a while with the kit lens and it really left a very good impression. Even when I was having lunch with my buddy, Terence who was also working in Fuji Showroom. I was still thinking about the camera and on the next day, I bought the X-E2 and a 23mm F1.4 lens…Happy Birthday to myself.

(Update) FujiFilm has a new firmware for XE-2 on my Birthday 19th December 2013, which will further improve the XE-2 ! Double Happiness ! 

A Beautiful Sunset At Pulau Ubin, Singapore

Why I love the camera more than the others which is far more pricey, like the Nikon Df, Sony A7/r or the famed Olympus E-M1 ! To me photography is not just about having a high performance sensor, how high the ISO can go getting clean spotless images at ASA6400 or how speedy focusing can be. But it is how a camera system was put together by faithfull engineers and a brand who listens to photographers and consumers providing good and worthy firmware updates, making photographers like me delighted.

Looking forward to the more new cameras from FujiFilm 😛

Meanwhile to see more and fill res pictures visit our gallery

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