The New FUJIFILM 18mm-135mm F3.5-5.6; A Lens I Rejected To Embrace

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A Lens I Rejected To Embrace.

For a detailed rundown of the specs of this camera, please visit this link!


A Pictures Driven “Review”

“FUJIFILM You can’t be serious to Pass Me This Lens? Or Not…”

Before Actual Shooting Experiences, Every Photographer might think as the same way as me. Sony, Nikon, Canon or have the similar lens. What’s so special about this new FUJIFILM Lens?

I was never a zoom lover, I am a prime lens fanatic. As I own most of the fast lenses, 3.5-5.6 is….not that professional for my assignments. The price is $SGD1399, much higher compared to other brands equivalent and the lens is big comparing to my primes. Longer range means lower IQ, and the lens might creep due to longer range and heavier front.

In summary, I am sceptical about FUJIFILM launching this lens. I literally have to force myself to ‘try’ the lens and shoot with it.

“FUJIFILM Engineers, You keep amazing me, keep on doing this and I will be broke. No kidding, this lens is a beast!!!”

However, after a few days of shooting experience, the build of the lens is really good, up to FUJIFILM’s usual high standards! I was definitely wrong about FUJIFILM and this lens.


  • This lens has 4 Asph. Element with 2 ED Lens??!!
  • Competitors only has 2ED + 2 ASPH or lesser
  • Its Weather Resistant, Like the X-T1
  • Balancing of the lens with the X-T1 is good ! No Fatigue throughout my rigorous test with it
  • Pure stealth, I can’t hear the focus sound !
  • And the lens is totally fast !!! (And I have yet to upgrade my X-T1 firmware) Faster then my existing FujiFilm Lens
  • The Lens is totally image stable, and focusing is very accurate!
  • The contrast and sharpness of this lens is fantastic! With very minimum distortion
  • By Looking at the image(No PP Here) it looks close to IQ of my primes.

“Summary, I Am Hooked To This Lens, This Is A Beautiful Lens & Very Idea For Travel Photography! Travel & Picture Perfect ”

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