Bring Out Your Creativity To Bring Your Pictures In

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Bring Out Your Creativity To Bring Your Pictures In

Photography has been my passion for the past 21 years. Through the years, I manage to turn my hobby in to a career of mine, and I am proud to say that, I have failed as much as I have succeeded in photography.

To take a picture, is different from capturing one, in my opinion. Taking does not require effort, you just need a camera set in auto mode and fire off.

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Capturing pictures is more meaningful, as you need to pour in all your understanding in photography, may it be technical or photography knowledge, stamina, sweat, time and feelings in to one single moment.

While I was in the camera industry for quite a period, I came to understand that Pre camera owners, always try to buy the best affordable camera available. And normally they seek advise from.

· Relatives
· Colleagues
· Friends
· Promoters
· Or lured in to promotional items.

However, I would say that choosing a correct camera takes more then seeking some advise from the above path. But there is simply to big a selection out there for you and it might cost you some endless nights reading from camera review sites on the cameras of interest to you.

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But you must understand that, photography is something personal, the equipment you choose will have to fit in to your imagination & creativity, not to forget your personal workflow.

Simply you do not buy camera because someone said the camera is good, it’s good for them maybe, however it might not fit nicely with your imaginations and workflow. The worst is to buy a camera due to some promotion in my opinion.

DSLR market has significantly grown for the past decade. Cheaper prices with better specifications, however seems like majority have no idea what they are getting ultimately.

Also some may also feel that to attend a photography workshop Is not essential, as they may be able to master photography through time and some read up at photography sites.

Of course the above could be the start of your photography path, however it should not be the main ingredients to make up your photography journey.

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In earlier days, I was walking in a same wrong path, until when I became more acquainted with photography.

Very often, I have to answer to many of my participants and giving advise to owners and pre-owners on which camera to buy , which lenses & filter accessories to purchase, and usually my answers for the purchasing of lens is always “Don’t’ buy, use your kit lenses first and master the basics of photography” you simply can’t decide which lenses is good for you if the idea of capturing pictures appear to be vague.

Photography Course Singapore Photography Learning For Everyone

To put it in an easily understood manner, lenses are like a drawing board; it allows you to capture the size of the scene, where shutter and aperture is like your brushes and its thickness for you to paint your imagination.

Question is, can you imagine? Or you can’t even control your camera in the way you want it? Or are you still depending mainly on post processing software?

Some just like the idea of capturing multiple shots of a subject hoping miracles to happen in the next photo.


Have a good start in your path of photography, set it correct and it will be with you the rest of your life. If you go wrong, then you might have a short relationship with it.


So the next time you see a subject or scene, don’t shoot it blindly, let your imaginations bring on the expectations of capturing a picture. Remember, sky is the limit in photography, don’t bound your creativity & enjoy your journey in it !

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Photography Course Singapore Photography Learning For Everyone
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