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Ready to learn from the best photography mentors in Singapore? Pictorial offers a wide range of hands-ons photography courses from the amateur to the advanced level. A small class size means more personalized training and attention from our experienced photography instructors. Developed by renowned photographers and training experts, our practical photography courses and workshops accelerate your learning and train you to be the photographer you’ve always wanted to be. Every participant will be guided by an experienced team of photographers with over 30 years of experience. Head Trainer Keith has collaborated with renowned camera makers such as Sony Asia Pacific, Fujifilm Asia Pacific, Olympus Imaging, Nikon, Gitzo Tripods, Manfrotto Bags, Nisi Professional Filters and Zeiss Lenses on product reviews, sample images taking, product beta testing, guest photography speaker and has trained all major camera stores in Singapore representing renowned camera makers in various camera products. Previously a regional trainer and product manager in leading Japan MNCs for 12 years and currently a full time professional photographer covering local and international projects, Keith owns 59 various brand of cameras including his favourites such as Fujifilm X-Pro1/X-T1, Nikon D800, Olympus E-M1, Sony Alpha A7s & Leica M240 together with a fleet of lenses purchased by himself , hence he is also extremely well versed with different camera models from different brands. His credentials and portfolio makes him the best experienced photography mentor available locally. Be assured that you will be provided with the best in your photography learning experience.

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