Extend Your Learning Experiences With Other Like-Minded Photographers With Our Monthly Workshop


Congratulations, so far you have done well in our Photography Courses, ready to discover the world of photography? Joining our Photowalk will introduce you to different  areas of photography, and gain necessary experiences in other fields of photography.

Get ready now to further your photography learning with other like minded photographers !

If you have already attended our courses, you will know our expectations in picture creation. However, fully achieving our expectations, will demand more time and effort.

Our Photowalk is specially curated for our faithful participants, who have gone through various stages of photography over the past months.

Throughout these classes, you will gain a deeper understanding of specialty photography concepts as follow

• Landscape Photography
• Street Photography
• Black & White Photography
• Flash Photography & Many More

Under each photography theme, Keith will be sharing with you the secrets of photographing them through his years of experience which won him various ambassadorships over the past 25 Years.

At the end of each theme, Keith will conduct a masterclass photo critique session on the pictures you have captured within the lessons.

With the lessons, Keith will also adjust the contents required accordingly to your learning progress, to optimize the learning experiences.

No. of Sessions

10 Practical Sessions + 2 Indoor Photo Critique Sessions


  • There aren’t any fixed locations for Photowalk, we visit wherever our camera brings us. The following location to visit will be discussed together with all participants in the Workshop.

Important Note


  • The Meeting Point of the Photowalk will be sent via email within 4 days of session commencement.
  • Application for a particular schedule will be closed, 6 days before commencement.
  • The schedule will happen monthly, the last week of the month, Sunday.
  • Participants may register 2 months in advance for any available schedule.
  • To ensure every participant has the chance to attend a session, please make a maximum of only 1 booking per month.
  • An interested participant who wants to participate in a fully booked session may queue on the waiting list. Our system will notify you via email once a slot is made available.
  • Credits will be still charged to your account if no-show.
  • Cancellation of any booked session must be performed at least 2 days in advance, failure will result in a credit charged to your account even without attending the reserved session.
  • All changes to your booked schedule can be only done online.
  • Every participant will be able to keep track of past bookings when logging in to an account with created credentials.
  • The validity of credits in Photowalk for booking will be 24 Months.
  • The purchased credit is strictly non-refundable.

Course Fees

Join Our Group Class (4 Pax Maximum Class Size) – $725/Participant For 12 Sessions


Private 1-1 with Keith (1 Day Express Booking / Date & Time Scheduling Flexibility / Focus Learning Based On The Brand & Model Of Your Camera) – $1200 For 12 Sessions


To purchase Photowalk credits

Photography Course Singapore Photography Learning For Everyone

Suitable For

Our Photowalk are only meant for existing Pictorial participants who have already completed the intermediate course


Course Requirement

  1. Any Mirrorless or DSLR
  2. More Than 1 Lens
  3. Tripod


If you do not have the above items, we will be able to procure the required items for you as well. Please talk to Keith about any necessary recommendations and arrangements.

Misc. Information

Full Flexibility On Scheduling, When You Need To Travel or Due To Personal Commitments

For 1 To 1 Training, Mandarin Speaking Available.

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Registration Guidelines For Masterclass
  1. Purchase Credits At The Provided Link-In Page.
  2. Participant Do Not Have To Book All Sessions Within One Registration, Participant are Allowed To Book The Next Upon Completion Of the Previous
  3. Purchased Credits Will Be Used To Offset Any Payments Required.
  4. Prepaid Package Can Be Purchased First And The Lessons To Be Registered Later
  5. Prepaid Package is With A 24 Months Validity