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About Pictorial

Providing reliable & professional photography services for various government and private sectors local and overseas since 1990s. Pictorial was established in 2005 by Keith with the intention of promoting a more optimised way of learning photography, gained through rich experiences from various local & overseas photography assignments conducted.

Since then Pictorial have been actively promoting photography to consumers and corporate industries. Through these years, Pictorial has won the hearts of many budding photographers and camera makers with its professionalism in training and photography services.

With Pictorial’s years of conducting various photography course and seminars, reasonable pricing of photography courses and workshops, range of exciting courses and our close to heart level of engagements with participants, Pictorial opens up a new level of photography learning, leading participants in to a genuine path to the world of photography.

Since than, more then 16000 participants from local and overseas had joined Pictorial series of photography courses and workshops in Singapore, and have been part of Pictorial family since then.

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about keith

founding photographer

Keith started photography since he was just 12 years old. With his never ending passion in both photography and photographic equipment, Keith joined Panasonic as a regional trainer in consumer electronics and since then, he actively conducts workshops regionally and locally to both consumers and retailers. Within 12 years of his corporate career, Keith moved on from Panasonic to Olympus as a product manager.

Since then Keith has participated in various camera product launches, which he was invited to be the guest speaker and photography judging in various photography competition. Currently he also collaborates with various camera brands, sponsors on sample images taking, product reviews, photowalks, photography talks and products beta testing.

With his never ending pursue of photography and technical knowledge, he has already conducted photography/product training for most of the camera dealers in Singapore since 2008 representing various esteemed camera brands such as Sony, Olympus, FujiFilm, Nikon & Zeiss.

Additionally, Keith has trained more than 16000 participants since 2005 in the Pictorial series of outdoor photography courses, actively collaborating with renown camera makers such as Sony Asia Pacific, Fujifilm Asia Pacific, Olympus Imaging, Nikon, Gitzo Tripods, Manfrotto Bags, Nisi Professional Filters and Zeiss Lenses and have trained most camera stores in Singapore representing most renown camera makers.

Keith is also extremely well versed with different camera models from various brands, a testament to his passion for photography. His large collection includes over 60 different camera brands and a fleet of lenses. Some of his personal favorites are the Fujifilm GFX50s, FujiFilm X100F, Canon 5D Mark IV, Leica M240, Fujifilm X-Pro1 & 2, Nikon D810/D850, Olympus E-M1, Sony Alpha A7s, Pentax K5ii & Ricoh GR.

“I demand the best photography experiences for my participants, hence learning the characteristics of different cameras by owning them is the best way to understand them, therefore optimizing my photography course’s participants learning process within the shortest period.”

– Keith Low

our clients

Given our proud track record and passion in photography, Pictorial has won the confidence and trust of some of the most respectable local based organizations. Below are some of our workshop & photography services clients.

The Pictorial Philosophy

Definition Of Pic·to·ri·al: graphic: evoking lifelike images within the mind; “pictorial poetry and prose”; “a lifelike portrait”; “a vivid description.

The best way to learn and gain experience in photographic techniques is to go outdoor and practice, instead of reading photography books, signing up for online photography courses or spending endless nights browsing photography related contents through the internet.

You can’t have too much theory sessions as photography is not done by taking down notes in classes. To understand photography, gaining real shooting experiences outdoor, you need to go out there and see how lighting changes, understand the characteristics of your camera/lenses and see the fault within yourself thus rectifying it.

However the differences between shooting by yourself and with a professional photographer brings a big gap in learning curve, you can’t see your fault that is, you will need a professional photographer with years of experiences to show you. You will be amazed at the end of your chosen photography courses or workshops that photo editing is no longer required in your list of “must do” for photography.

To allow maximum learning for our participants, we decided to conduct our photography courses & workshop in a smaller class. So that every pictorial photography course & workshop participant will receive the best quality guidance from our professional photographer, while most of the photography courses & workshops are conducted in bigger class size.

Through our years of photography guiding & professional shooting experiences, our photographers has formulated and carefully arranged our contents in teaching, allowing participants whom have zero or near zero knowledge to obtain a strong foundation in photography techniques and pictures built to impressed without the aid of any editing software in a short span of time. Saving you both money and time.

Keith, along with your other photography mentors will show & guide you into their world of artistic photography. To see more of Keith’s works, you may visit our photography gallery.

Pictures are created by the photographer’s intention, it should not be purely an end product of an editing software. Ever since Pictorial started guiding students in our photography courses, post processing techniques via editing software were kept out of reach for our participants.

Understanding photography techniques via full manual level of control and not P/A/S modes, camera systems and lenses, correct usage of filters & understanding nature of lighting will replace the need of going through any editing process for one picture.

We live in a digital age where even our mobile phone could do some simple photography editing tasks, so using software editing could be a much more easier task compared to using experiences which most of the people do not have in photography. However using experience instead of a software although tiring, could give you a marvellous sense of satisfaction.

With these intentions, Pictorial series of photography courses & workshops were born. To equip our participants with strong foundation in photography techniques & composition though outdoor photography sessions, so that at the end of each session every brilliant picture is created by the photographer and not an editing software.

To achieve the above, our photographers with at least 19 years(or above) of professional photography experiences will ensure that each participant will be able to spend more quality time with them, to solve the questions of indivudual on subjects and aspects of their interested area of photography.

Our photographers does not favor classroom sessions, although much more efforts are needed to conduct a photography session outdoor, we don’t mind spending more effort on it, as it will enhance & accelerate the learning experiences of our students.

To continue your photography journey, you need passion instead of wonderful but pricey equipment. Through our rich experiences in photography, we strongly understand that, you don’t need expensive & heavy equipment to get good photos, you just need the correct equipment, lenses, knowledge & guidance, to complete one good picture.

Hence, Pictorial series of photography courses are maximized for outdoor shooting sessions, so that each participant will be able to gain real world experiences of changing camera controls, understanding lighting effects & basic/creative compositions, instead of learning photography skills and techniques from power point presentations.

So what are you hesitating for? Join our most exciting series of outdoor photography courses and learn how to capture your imagination now!

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