Macro Photography Course

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Come into our world of Macro Photography Course to open up your senses & get lost into this whole new world that our naked eyes can’t see. Once mastered, this is one of the techniques that will bring you the most satisfaction as a photographer. In the Macro world, all things become ‘larger’ than life! You learn to see all things in a different perspective. When you learn to see all things macro, you open up your vision. Dare to see things differently!

Why wait? Learn how to use different photographic equipment, techniques to bring yourself into the macro vision with Pictorial’s Macro Photography Course.


Theory Session

  • Introduction to Macro Photography.
  • Introduction to Macro Accessories.
  • Choosing The Best Camera/Lens Combination.
  • Understanding Your Camera Capability to Produce Macro Images.
  • Using the Right Settings for Macro. Auto vs Manual Mode.
  • Understanding Depth of Field, its Effects and Limitation.
  • Using Ambient and Artificial Lightings.
  • Preparation of Camera Equipment and Photographer.
  • Choosing and Preparation of Subjects.
  • Tips to Get Better Pictures.
  • Camera Equipment Maintenance.

Outdoor Shooting I

  • Knowing the Location.
  • The Dos and Don’ts When Doing Macro Photography.
  • Choosing Your Subject In Its Nature Environment.
  • Techniques To Approach Your Subjects.
  • Choosing Of Camera Settings.
  • Practical Use of Ambient Lightings and Making Use Of Subjects’ Surroundings.
  • Correct Usage of Supporting Equipment.
  • Using Full Manual Focus (MF) Vs AF.
  • Focusing techniques When Capturing Live Subjects.
  • Applying Compositions & Framing Techniques.
  • Depth Of Field (DOF) Control.

Outdoor Shooting II

  • Knowing Your Equipment & Lenses Limits.
  • Advanced Techniques Using DOF Control.
  • Basic Use Of Artificial Fill-in Lightings.
  • Techniques to Overcome Environment Elements.
  • Using ‘Extra Hands’ To Capture Subjects.
  • Learn To Be Creative On-The-Spot.
  • Tips & Guides to Help You Grow.
  • Q&A

Course Details

Area Of Photography Covered


No. of Sessions

1 Indoor & 2 Outdoor Sessions

Course Duration

  • 6 hours total
  • 1st Session: Singapore Botanic Gardens (Indoors) – 2 hours
  • 2nd Session: Singapore Botanic Gardens (Outdoors) – 2 hours
  • 3rd Session: Hort Park, Visitor’s Centre (Outdoors) – 2 hours
  • For 1 On 1 Session: Slots Available Daily From 10.00am-5.00pm, Subjected To Mentor’s Availability (Check Availability At Registration Page)

Course Fees

  • 1 To 1 Mentoring  – $360 In Total, Bring Additional Partners At $180/Participant In Total

Enjoy 10% Off When You Register At Least 14 Days In Advance
Enter Code In Registration Page: EarlyBird

Misc. Information

  • Full Flexibility On Re-Scheduling, When You Need To Travel or Due To Personal Commitments
  • Mandarin Speaking Available

Suitable For

Experience Required: Basic Photography Skills with Knowledge of Aperture and Shutter Speed.

Equipment: Macro Lens, Tripod, Flash Light ,Mirrorless or DSLR Camera