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Award Winning. Decades of Experience.

Years of photography guiding & professional shooting experience have allowed our team to carefully formulate and arrange our course content, allowing participants whom have zero or near zero knowledge to obtain a strong foundation in photography techniques and pictures built to impressed without the aid of any editing software in a short span of time. Saving you both money and time.

Keith, your photography mentor, will show & guide you into his world of artistic photography. With over 20 years of professional photography experience, he will ensure that each participant will be able to spend more quality time with him, to solve the questions of individuals on subjects and aspects of their interested area of photography.

We do not favor classroom sessions, although much more efforts are needed to conduct a photography session outdoor, we don’t mind spending more effort on it, as it will enhance & accelerate the learning experiences of our students.

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about keith

founding photographer

Meet Keith Singapore Photographer, Brand Ambassador

When Keith was 11, his uncle – a talented press photographer, gave him a Seagull 120 TLR as a gift. Despite the both of them never having met personally, the young man had a strong connection with his uncle, having heard stories about his skill and passion for photography. Perhaps his uncle knew something he didn’t, for the gift started Keith down his journey in photography and he hasn’t looked back since.

Despite having no formal training in the craft, Keith blazed his own trail. He combined his love of technology with a thirst for knowledge, and he learned and grew from his experiences. The more he learnt, the more he had to know. Eventually, Keith found himself working full time as a regional product trainer and product manager for a well-known camera maker. While there, he further developed his skills working with top photographers and learning from them. He was finally a photographer just like his uncle.

As his interest in photography developed, so did his yearning to strike out on his own and start living his dreams. Being able to hone his skills while meeting and working with new people filled Keith with an even greater passion for his craft. From them, he learned many lessons; not just about photography but also about life.

To this day, Keith still takes inspiration from his uncle. By documenting the world with his camera, he believes he is continuing his uncle’s legacy. Like his uncle taught him, Keith strives to capture the most precious, fleeting moments and share them with the world.

I demand the best photography experiences for my participants, hence learning the characteristics of different cameras by owning them is the best way to understand them, therefore optimizing my photography course’s participants learning process within the shortest period.

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