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Photography Workshop Introduction


Smart technology has changed our lives, including how we communicate. Now, no matter where we travel, we’ve got our phones with us; along with its built-in high performance camera that shoots like a inter-changeable lens camera. The phone camera’s most exclusive feature? It allows inmediate sharing of well taken pictures in any social media. The flow of picture sharing and storage have also evolved through the years. Consumer are no longer limited to personal albums and wallet photos, CDs or DVDs, with affordable cloud storage alternatives for storage, viewing and sharing all done securely. With the possibility of many people seeing our photographs in real-time, the elements of knowing good “phoneography” are important.

This mobile phone photography workshop is conducted over one session. The first part of the session will equip you with tips and tricks of using settings of your mobile phone effectively and the second is a hands-on practical session using your mobile’s camera at Singapore Botanic Garden & the last will be learning how to do light processing using available apps.

At the end of the lesson, you will have mastered basic usage of your mobile phone and learnt about it’s traits, quirks, and functionality, and we guarantee that the quality of your photos will increase dramatically.

Phoneography Workshop Outline


  • Mobile photography 101
  • Best mobile phone for phoneography
  • Understanding essentials of your mobile
  • Differences between brands.
  • Photography Jargon
  • Compositions techniques
  • Focal lenses of mobile
  • Recommended Basic Setup


  • Using AF Points & focusing techniques.
  • Locking & Exposing Pictures Correctly.
  • Applying Compositions & Framing Techniques
  • Depth Of Field Control
  • Optimizing Color Control
  • Using unique features from different mobile makers for amazing photographic results


  • Software Introduction.
  • Using Simple Tools To Achieve Marvelous Results.
  • Editing Demonstration
  • Exporting Formats


  • What Is Cloud?
  • Cloud vs Hardware
  • Cloud Storage Recommendations
  • Demonstration
  • Q&A

Course Details

Area Of Photography Covered

Mobile Photography 101, Post Processing, Cloud Storage For Pictures

No. of Sessions

Combined Theory + Practical Session

Course Duration

  • Total 4 hours
  • Session held at Singapore Botanic Garden

Course Fees

  • Group Training – NA in total per participant.
  • 1 To 1 Training – $199 in total, Bring additional partner at $99 per participant

Misc. Information

  • Full Flexibility On Scheduling, When You Need To Travel or Due To Personal Commitments
  • For 1 To 1 Training, Mandarin Speaking Available.

Suitable For

Users whom wants to understand more about their camera, photography and take better pictures.

Course Requirement

  • Flagship Mobile Phone From Apple, Google, Samsung or Huawei
  • Power bank with at least 2500mah
  • SIM Plan Data Connection
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