Words from our students.

  • My interest for photography has started 2 years ago when I joined the Pictorial photography class. The lessons are very practical and hands-on, conducted by Keith. After attending some basic and intermediate lessons, I see vast improvement – able to control my camera in manual mode and picture composition. My passion for good photography grew stronger ever and I pursued the Pictorial master class. I am glad to receive guidance from Keith as I work towards improving my photography skill to the next level.

    John Chee
    John CheeCanon DSLR/Olympus Mirrorless User
  • Taking the Comprehensive 9 sessions course was probably the best decision I've made in starting my journey in undergoing professional training. Under your guidance, I have shot in Full Manual mode since the day I got my DSLR and everytime I shoot, I get reminded of the tips that you would always provide and remind us about. Through your course, I managed to build a strong foundation in my photography skills which further enabled me to explore other means of photography. Thank you for always believing in me and encouraging me to believe in myself and in my abilities.

    Amanda Goh
    Amanda GohCanon DSLR User
  • Dear Keith, The Sri Lanka Photography Expedition was one great holiday that surpassed our expectations. Each group member brought his and her own talent, perspective and uniqueness, and together we had fun exploring the new sights and culture as well as sharing experiences, learnings and camaraderie. It is truly wonderful how photography can so easily and quickly unite people of ages and backgrounds. Our local tour organisers from Olanka Travels, along with Keith from Pictorial, made the tour feel like a holiday trip with friends and family. Sri Lanka has so much to offer in its stunning flora and fauna. We were treated to sights such as golden fields of ripen rice, lush coconut plantations, cool mountain tea estates, verdant valleys, beautiful coastal scenery, and nature parks with amazing wildlife. In the countryside, villagers generously shared aspects of their daily life with us travellers by happily posing for photographs with their genuine smiles and sincerity. Mealtimes were interesting affairs, where we dined in settings that ranged from open-air riverside, under the stars BBQ, palm-lined beach hotel, to reminders of the country’s colonial heritage. We were very happy with the many photographic opportunities in this trip to take nice and interesting shots. Keith’s passion, insights and artistic view in photography were truly inspirational and have spurred us further to continue to improve our photography skills and artistic vision.

    Christof & Kay Lin
    Christof & Kay LinSony DSLT User
  • Hi Keith. Just wanted to drop you an email and say thanks again for the camera strap. We have just got back from 2 weeks in China and I do not think I would have enjoyed the camera as much with out the strap. It made it very user friendly. (Also the camera training from you went a long way to helping of course.)

    Chris Chivers
    Chris ChiversCanon FF User
  • Hi Keith, Thank you for the wonderful learning experience on our 1st lesson. Its called basic like the others but yet it's so different. I am looking forward to the rest and am glad that I chose the right place to learn. Thank you n have a great week! Back to my assignment! See u soon!

    Doris Ang
    Doris AngNikon FF User
  • Dear Keith, I am now on my way home, but before i leave i like to send you a few lines to express my deep appreciation, gratitude and joy of spending these last few days together with you. beside the many very helpful tips i got from you, it was as if i start seeing Singapore with completely different eyes, start to like this town even more than before. and i don't want to forget to mention your patience and helpfulness as well as your special care taking for me during the past few days. i will write more as soon as i am back home, but just wanted to express my thankfulness towards you.

    Michael Schuette
    Michael SchuetteCanon DSLR User
  • Dear Keith, Thanks for your guidance this far in my first try in DSLR/DSLT camera. You've been very professional and patient in your teachings. I really appreciate your commitment to make sure I learn somthing from you at the end of each session. 🙂 I've uploaded some of the pictures taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Fort Canning for viewing. Cheers!

    Thomas Chee
    Thomas CheeSony SLT User
  • After a long search, I chose Keith from Pictorial. I was astonished at the amount of time and preparation he put into his photography, he is both passionate and enthusiastic. I would recommend Keith to anyone out there who is looking to take their photography to a new level.

    Oliver Clevene
    Oliver CleveneCanon User
  • Hi, Yong Meng here wanna thank Keith and the rest of the students for the sharing session! Thanks for giving me a very positive first step towards the world of photography. Keith was very patient and I can recognize the effort he puts in for us. Thank you once again

    Yong Meng
    Yong MengCanon User
  • Firstly thank you for an enjoyable, informative and excellent day yesterday - value for money and worth every penny. My son was so enthusiastic about it that when I dropped him off to school, we took the camera and he got some action shots on the road!!!

    Jayant & Son
    Jayant & SonSony Alpha DSLR User
  • I was very pleased with my workshop, I am better able to understand how to effectively use my camera and what all the settings really mean. I also picked up great tips on how to take a better photo. I would definitely recommend pictorial workshops for anyone interested in improving their photography no matter their skill level.

    NatashaCanon User
  • I am very very impressed with John in the amount of patience and professionalism he has with the class. Alan is also really good support. Wished the class was longer 🙂 Thanks Keith, you have a great team

    Ms Dorothy De Silva
    Ms Dorothy De SilvaFujiFilm User
  • Thanks John, I'm blessed to have such patience and helpful teacher like you. Will contact you again for my intermediate course

    Mrs Kerine Chan
    Mrs Kerine ChanFujiFilm User
  • I have had some limited experience in photography many years ago and wanted to update and expand my knowledge and experience. I decided to take Pictorial's basic course as a refreshers and to fill in the knowledge gaps. It was also a great opportunity to get out and meet people interested in photography. The course was great! I enjoyed the things we did, the places we photographed and really benefited from Keith's knowledge and experience. The course gives you some basic knowledge on the workings of your camera and gives you the opportunity to take photographs that will impress and encourage you to shoot more when you leave. Keith's knowledge and experience will will help you spark your creativity to make great photographs! I will be signing up for Pictorial's intermediate course. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in photography and who with little or no knowledge.

    Jim Coates
    Jim CoatesCanon DSLR User
  • The workshop was something above my expectation!!! I wanted to learn just the basics of picture shooting, but the workshop taught me "photography". I owned my DSLR about one year but never had a chance to participate workshops. But with my baby's arrival, I thought it is the time for me to learn the basics so that the pictures will be improved. The pictures I used take were snap shots and close-up shots of items that I wanted to upload to my blog. During the workshop, I learn how to control the color and the light that are really important for the photos. Moreover, it has taught me how to create the environment or the air in your photo, i.e. how to dramatize your photo. Of course, I'm still learning. But I hope one day I will take photos with a drama. There are no right or wrong in photography, but the basics will help you get the pictures you want!

    Ms. Eriko Kobayashi
    Ms. Eriko KobayashiOlympus DSLR User
  • Since going on the basic workshop, I have learn how to utilize my DSLR to a rather high capacity. The angles and skills taught to me in the workshop were unique and opened my eyes to actual photography. Previously, I thought tinkering With the digicam on different angles was something new but since learning how to use the DSLR , I have actually advanced way ahead of what I thought I was capable of. The guiding focus of one guide to two people is very good as it actually provides us quality time to ask questions and to learn more from the true professionals. Therefore, learning how to use, or rather, to abuse the DSLR in this workshop was what impressed me the most in this basic workshop and considering this is only basic, I wonder what else can go on in the advanced courses.

    Laifong & Jiayi
    Laifong & JiayiNikon DSLR User
  • The first thing I had on my mind after coming to Singapore was to find a good short term photography course. In fact, I was in this quest since a very long time. I always enjoyed my photography but somewhere back in my mind I had this urge to be better. I knew that special something was definitely missing. I started focusing on the technicalities of photography, discussed on various forums, but still wasn't satisfied. Amongst various courses/workshops available in Singapore, Pictorial's course contents and teaching methodology was exactly what I was looking for. Actually, more than course contents, I was interested in adequate personal attention from a professional photographer. The advanced photography workshop was a big confidence booster for me. I was really very impressed by the thought process and passion for photography of Master Keith. I consider myself fortunate to get a chance to do the Master's course under the guidance of Keith. Over these past few months, I have learned a lot of new techniques and "do's" & "don'ts" of professional photography. Still a lot to learn though. I am getting better at photography, day by day. Thank you Keith, for showing me the direction towards what I want to achieve out of my photography passion. Sincerely Yours

    Saurabh Bagkar
    Saurabh BagkarNikon DSLR User
  • Hi Keith I am back home now and want to thank you for the memorable photography course. You have given me invaluable tips on how to create stronger photographs and I hope I will improve. Here is a link to one of my videos with my photographs that I took during the course. It's just a slideshow I created on iPhoto: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK8r36g8nlQ). You were right - I could have got some wonderful photos of star trails in Bintan Island as the moon was so bright. However, I wasn't even getting clear photos of the moon. It used to smudge in the photographs and I am not sure why! So I didn't get a single good picture of the moon or any star trails 🙁 The night photographs of Singapore turned out brilliant and I have only you to thank for it! 😀 Wish you a happy holiday season and do keep in touch!

    Shaili Poddar
    Shaili PoddarCanon DSLR User
  • Hi Keith, Thanks for your kind guidance & sharing your rich experience with us. This workshop boosted my confidence & your comments were really helpful during the workshops. Though I was playing around with the DSLR from last 8-9 years, this 3 day’s workshop gave me more understanding about the techniques & settings than those may years. As discussed, I will continue to put my effort to master the photography & will come back to you to get the constructive feedback & comments to further improve my skills.

    RajeshCanon User
  • Our original plan is to just spend our Sunday morning doing the Fundamental Photography workshop. At the end of the workshop at noon; we were so pleased with the images that we had captured that we decided to continue immediately with the "Three-Day Photography Workshop" starting on the same afternoon. Though tired at the end of the day; we went home with a big smile on our face.

    Spencer & Janice
    Spencer & JaniceCanon & Panasonic Users
  • As a totally fresh beginner with absolutely zero knowledge on digital SLR photography, I was very happy that after the 3-day workshop with Keith, I was shooting on full manual mode! The hands on approach enabled me to confidently go forth and continue experimenting, exploring and shooting on my own. I’m really pleased with the results I’ve been able to achieve with my photos post the workshop; even my family and friends are most impressed. It also helps knowing that I can always go back and ask questions and advice from Keith, who is most passionate about his art.

    Sue & Friend
    Sue & FriendKonica Minolta DSLR User
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