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Travel Photography Course Introduction

Travel photography is not just an adventure; it is also a path set on discovering one’s inner self.

It involves the documentation of an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history and it expresses the feeling of a time and place, culture in its natural state, and has no geographical boundary. In short it is all about using your pictures to tell powerful stories. Each destination you visit has its own particular cultural ambiance and character . If we want pictures of our travels to be good and memorable, they should capture all of these qualities.

You will be mentored by Keith or Ivan Joshua Loh, their valuable experience in planning for travel photography will be shared within this 2 session Travel Photography Course.

Exotic could be found anywhere, be inspired by the diversity culture of Pulau Ubin in Singapore.

Travel Photography Course Outline

Theory Session

  • Understanding Travel Photography
  • Key Considerations in Travel Photography Planning
  • Choosing The Right Camera Gears For Travel Photography
  • Photography Tips To Get Better Pictures
  • Preparing Outdoor Travel Photography Session

Outdoor Shooting

  • Day Trip To Rustic Pulau Ubin, Capturing The Areas’s Landscape, People and Cultures Visiting Key Destinations on Foot/Bicycle
  • Pulau Ubin Jetty & Town
  • Tua Pek Kong Temple and Wei To Temple Complex
  • Butterfly Hill/Pekan Quarry
  • Bukit Pauka
  • Q & A

Course Details

Area Of Photography Covered

Travel Photography

No. of Sessions

1 Indoor Theory Session + 1 Outdoor Session

Course Duration

  • 5 hours total
  • 1st Session: Singapore Botanic Gardens (Indoors) – 2 hours
  • 2nd Session: Pulau Ubin, Various Locations  (Outdoors) – 3 hours

Course Fees

  • Group Training – NA in total per participant
  • 1 To 1 Training  – $250 in total, Bring additional partner at $125 per participant

Misc. Information

  • Full Flexibility On Re-Scheduling, When You Need To Travel or Due To Personal Commitments
  • Certificate Of Photography Course Completion
  • For 1 To 1 Training, Mandarin Speaking Available

Suitable For

Photographers With Background in Camera Understanding and Composition Who Wish To Enhance Photography Experiences While Travelling


Equipment Required: All Cameras, With Full Manual Control (Rental Available At Registration Page)

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