8 Sessions Complete Photography Course


(Basic + Intermediate)

Make It A Journey, Not Just An Experience

8 Sessions | 17 hours | Group $350/Person | 1 – 1 Private $600 In Total


What is photography, but to preserve beauty? However, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, which speaks of the subjective nature of photography. More often than not, when one comes across photography discussions on the internet it is centered around the analysis of pixels rather than the actual image.

Most forget that the emotional impact of a picture is what hits you first. Some of the greatest photographs in history are powerful not because they are a display of the photographer’s technical mastery, but rather because of the emotions they manage to elicit from the viewer.

Essentially, great pictures are birthed from a marriage of a solid foundation knowledge of photography with a good understanding of how to capture the emotional impact of a picture.

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Our Journeyman Complete Photography Course aims to bring an absolute beginner up to speed with just 8 photography lessons. The first 4 sessions introduce the science of photography whereas the remaining will be spent on discovering the arts of a picture.

Not to mention, you get more savings as compared to signing up for our 4 Sessions Basic & 4 Session Intermediate separately.

Journeyman Photography Course Details

Key Areas Of Photography Covered

Camera Operation, Lenses Understanding, Composition Rules, Composition Ideas, Night Photography, Street Photography, Indoor Photography, Travel Photography, Unique Composition Rules & Ideas, Advanced Light Control

No. of Sessions

1 Theory Session via Online Zoom + 7 Outdoor Practical Sessions

Misc. Information

  • Theory Handout Provided (PDF)
  • All Photography Tips Covered In Sessions Provided via WhatsApp
  • Full Flexibility On Re-Scheduling, When You Need To Travel or Due To Personal Commitments
  • Mandarin Speaking Available For 1-1 Mentoring
  • Certificate Of Completion.

Course Fees

  • Group (Join Course With Other Already Registered Participant) – $350/Person For 8 Session (Participant/s May Book Dates Starting From 14th June 2021, Subjected To Singapore Covid-19 Restrictions Changes)


  • 1 To 1 Mentoring (Scheduling Flexibility + Focus In Personal Improvements & Specific Camera Understanding) – $600 For 8 Session


  • To Purchase This Journey, Please CLICK HERE
  • After Purchasing, Please Visit Registration Page And Book 4 Session Basic Followed By 4 Sessions Intermediate Course. Your Purchased Journey Credits Will Be Used To Offset Any Payments Required.

Course Duration


  • 8 Hours in Total
  • 1st Session – Online Zoom, 2Hrs (Theory)
  • 2nd Session – Singapore Botanic Gardens, 2Hrs (Practical)
  • 3rd Session – Fort Canning Park, 2Hrs (Practical)
  • 4th Session – Night Boat Quay, 2Hrs (Practical)


  • 9 Hours in Total
  • 5th Session – Chinatown, 2Hrs (Practical)
  • 6th Session – Little India, 2Hrs (Practical)
  • 7th Session –  Pulau Ubin, 3Hrs (Practical)
  • 8th Session – Merlion Park, 2Hrs (Practical)

Suitable For

  • Photographers Who Wants To Cultivate A Deeper Passion In Photography & Wish To Gain Higher Level Composition & Camera Understanding. Also Suitable For Individuals Starting Photography Related Business.

Course Requirement

  • Tripod
  • Any Type/Brand Of Camera
Registration Guidelines For Journeyman Course
  1. Click "Purchase Your Journey" Icon Provided In The Page
  2. Please Register & Book The Basic Course Followed By Intermediate Course.
    (Participant Do Not Have To Book All Sessions Within One Registration,
    Participant Allowed To Book The Next Upon Completion Of Previous)
  3. Purchased Journey Credits Will Be Used To Offset Any Payments Required.
  4. Journey Credits Can Be Purchased First And The Lessons To Be Registered Later
    (Journeyman Course Purchased Credits is With A 2 Years Validity).