5 Sessions Intermediate Outdoor Photography Course
“Urban Exploration”

Specially Curated To Enhance Beginner’s Practical Experiences


Our Intermediate Photography Course is specifically designed to strengthen the basic photography points covered in our 5 Sessions Basic Photography Course, allowing you to have a thorough understanding of the essentials of making marvelous pictures. Contrary to popular belief, creativity is not a talent given to a select few. It is a process and a set of learnable skills. Creative thinking often starts with different thinking. There are ways you can purposefully open your mind to a new perspective to see if it changes the way you think about and approach composition in photography.

Hence in the world of photography, the power of imagination brings the difference between photographers. Equipment used might be similar, however, thoughts on the creation of the picture in similar conditions by different photographers will bring forth different creative results. Creative expertise is all about combining modern theory with relevant functional abilities.

To create an aspiring picture requires your power of imagination, eye for photography even to the slightest details, continuous practice, your knowledge in camera functions, photography know-how. No amount of words can compete with the power of a creatively taken picture and no photographer can capture a picture without using their imagination.

Our 5 Sessions Intermediate Photography Course will equip you with a great variety of useful photography techniques suitable to be applied in real-world situations with full hands-on experiences in practical, at some of the most popular photography locations in Singapore.

Upon completing our 5 Sessions Intermediate Photography Course, Urban Exploration, be sure that you will be able to handle most of the different photography situations you might encounter in the near future.

Join the photography course now with Pictorial’s Founder Keith Low & Alan Tan on an exclusive photography journey with  5 Sessions Intermediate Photography Course, Urban Exploration at Chinatown, Jubilee Bridge – MBS, Pulau Ubin, Haw Par Villa & Merlion Park (Night)


Street Photography At Chinatown (Practical)

  • Develop a street photographer’s eye and learn how to spot a photo opportunity in an everyday street scene
  • Learn and apply the technical aspects of street photography; Lens, Camera, Settings, Composition & Exposure
  • Learn how manual (zone) focusing can make you more effective as a street photographer
  • Using black & white effectively in street style
  • Introduction to Blind Shooting
  • Understand the elements of creating a great street image

Landscape Photography From Jubilee Bridge – MBS (Practical)

  • Creating a surreal  landscape
  • Understanding lenses filters ND, ND Grad, and circular polarizer and it’s applications
  • Using slow shutter effect for creative results
  • Application of white balance to create interesting results
  • Correct usage of DRO/Active D-Lighting & HDR
  • Further awareness of light stops calculation

Travel Photography At Pulau Ubin Island (Practical)

  • Theme Selection
  • Recommended Focal Length & Aperture For Better Photographic Result
  • Creating Foreground & Its Application
  • Overcoming Backlight & Better Lighting Consistency
  • Creating A Better Composition
  • Q & A

Black & White Photography At Haw Par Villa (Practical)

  • Subjects to look out for a better Black & White expression
    Understanding Black & White in getting rid of color confusion
  • Recognizing essential elements in creating a good black & white picture
  • Knowing Black & White Filters Application
  • Controlling Highlight & Shadow
  • Expression of High key & low key pictures
  • Contrast vs gradients
  • Making a compelling black & white picture through high ISO

Advanced Night Photography (Night Practical)

  • Enhancing Understanding Of Light Calculations
  • Balancing Inconsistency In Light
  • White Balance Control
  • Introduction To Dodging & Burning Techniques
  • Creativity Settings In Night Photography
  • How To Take Marvelous Fireworks & Astro Pictures
  • Recap & Photo Critic Of Participant’s Pictures
  • Q & A

Course Details

Key Areas Of Photography Covered

Street Photography,  Black & White Photography, Landscape Photography, Travel Photography & Advanced Night Photography

No. of Sessions

5 Outdoor Practical Sessions

Course Duration

  • 1st Session – Chinatown, 2Hrs (Practical)
  • 2nd Session – Jubilee Bridge – MBS, 2Hrs (Morning Practical)
  • 3rd Session – Pulau Ubin, 3Hrs (Practical)
  • 4th Session – Haw Par Villa, 2Hrs (Practical)
  • 5th Session – Merlion Park, 2Hrs (Night Practical)

Course Fees

Group Lessons – $350/Participant (One Time Payment) In Total


Private 1-1 (Selectable Mentor) – $600/Participant In Total (One Time Payment), Bring A Friend/s For $300/Friend To Join The Sessions Together


Misc. Information

  • All Photography Tips Covered In Sessions Provided via WhatsApp
  • Full Flexibility On Re-Scheduling, When You Need To Travel or Due To Personal Commitments
  • Mandarin Speaking Available For 1-1 Mentoring
  • Certificate Of Completion.

Suitable For

  • Experienced Beginners Who Wish To Achieve Better/Creative Composition & Advanced Camera Understanding

Course Requirement

  • Any Type/Brand Of Camera & Tripod
  • Optional: ND/ND Grad/CPL Filters
  • Optional: Ultra Wide Angle Lens, Telephoto Lens & Prime Lens
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