Photography Courses Overview

Brief Overview of Pictorial Photography Courses Singapore

Ready to learn from the best photography mentors in Singapore? Pictorial offers a wide range of hands-on photography courses from the basic to the advanced level. A 1 to 1 private mentorship or a small 5 pax learning group means every participant will gain the best attention from Keith , optimising and accelerating your photography learning within a shorter time frame. Developed by Keith Low, Founder of Pictorial, our range of photography courses and workshops accelerate your learning and train you to be the photographer you’ve always wanted to be.

For all photography course, every participant will be guided by Keith Low, founder of Pictorial, whom have over 20 years of mentoring experience. Keith himself has collaborated with renowned camera makers such as Sony Asia Pacific, Fujifilm Asia Pacific, Olympus Imaging, Nikon Scho, Gitzo Tripods, Manfrotto Bags, Nisi Professional Filters and Zeiss Lenses and even mobile makers such as Sony & Huawei on product reviews, sample images taking, product beta testing, guest photography speaker and has trained most camera stores in Singapore representing renowned camera makers in various camera products.

Previously a regional trainer and product manager in leading Japan MNCs for 12 years and currently a full time professional photographer covering local and international projects, Keith owns more then 60 various brand of cameras including his favorites such as Fujifilm X-Pro1 & 2/X-T1, Nikon D800, Pentax K series, Ricoh GR, Olympus E-M1, Sony Alpha A7s & Leica M240 together with a fleet of lenses purchased by himself , hence he is also extremely well versed with different camera models from different brands.

His credentials and portfolio makes him the best experienced photography mentor available locally. Be assured that you will be provided with the best in your photography learning experience.

Basic Level Courses

Camera 101 Express Basic Workshop

Camera 101 Express Basic Workshop

Combine Theory Session + Hands On Session

Total 3 Hours, only 1 Session

Photography Mentor: Keith Low

Only 1 To 1 Mentoring Available - $180 In Total, Bring additional partner at $90 per participant

Misc : Complimentary Camera Loan Available

Basic Course - Photography 101

Basic Course - Photography 101

1 Theory Session + 3 Outdoor Practical Session (Incl. Night Photography)

2 hours Per Session, Total 8 hours

Photography Mentor: Keith Low/Alan Tan

Small Group Learning (7 Pax Class Size) - $70/Lesson Per Participant

1 To 1 Mentoring - $120/Lesson Per Participant, Bring Additional Partners At $60/Lesson Per Participant

Misc : Complimentary Camera & Tripod Loan Available

Basic Topics Covered

Key Focus 1: Understand your camera, lenses & accessories, choosing the right camera and equipment

Key Focus 2: Basic understanding in photography composition & techniques

Key Focus 3: Aperture/Shutter/ISO, basic control, your camera in full manual

Key Focus 4: Basic light control, obtaining proper exposure

Key Focus 5: Basic Depth of Field control and understanding

Key Focus 6: Applying various photography composition, and lines in photography

Key Focus 7: Enhancing knowledge in light control, understanding light metering

Key Focus 8: Usage and understanding pros and cons of photography techniques

Key Focus 9: Understanding light; Quantity vs Quality

Key Focus 10: Depth of Field Control, when it is required.

Key Focus 11: Demystifying Night Photography (Only For Night Photography)

Key Focus 12: Using your flash the correct way (Only For Night Photography)

Intermediate/Advanced Level Courses

Intermediate/Advanced Photography - Urban Exploration

Intermediate/Advanced Photography - Urban Exploration

4 Outdoor Practical Sessions

2 Hours Every Session, 3 Hours For Pulau Ubin Session, Total 9 hours

Photography Mentor: Keith Low

Small Group Learning (7 Pax Class Size) - $80/Lesson Per Participant

1 To 1 Mentoring - $130/Lesson Per Participant, Bring additional partners at $65/Lesson Per Participant

Misc : Complimentary Camera Loan Available

Intermediate/Advanced Level Topics Covered

Key Focus 1: The ultimate photographer’s tool : Imagination

Key Focus 2: Strengthening of topics covered in basic

Key Focus 3: A 2 dimension picture

Key Focus 4: Further understanding in light exposure, in various condition

Key Focus 5: Handling tricky lighting situation

Key Focus 6: Bringing Emotions in Pictures

Key Focus 7: Cultivating the eye for photography

Key Focus 8: Understanding and using zone focusing techniques in street conditions

Basic + Intermediate + Advanced Level Courses

Comprehensive Course - Journeyman (Basic + Intermediate + Advanced)

Comprehensive Course - Journeyman (Basic + Intermediate + Advanced)

1 Theory Session + 7 Outdoor Practical Sessions (Basic + Intermediate + Advanced Course)

2 hours Every Session, 3 hours For Pulau Ubin Session, Total 17 hours

Photography Mentor: Keith Low

Group Learning - $420 Only When You Take Up A Prepaid Package With Us Click Here To Purchase

1 To 1 Mentoring - $720 Only When You Take Up A Prepaid Package With Us Click Here To Purchase

Misc : Complimentary Camera & Tripod Loan Available

Advanced Photography Courses

Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography

Duration: 3 Sessions, 7 hours total

Photography Mentor: Keith Low

Only 1 To 1 Mentoring Available - $125/Lesson Per Participant, Bring additional partners at $62.50/Lesson per participant

Macro Photography

Macro Photography

Duration: 3 Sessions, 2 hours per session, 6 hours total

Photography Mentor: Keith Low

Only 1 To 1 Mentoring Available - $125/Lesson Per Participant, Bring additional partners at $62.50/Lesson per participant

Masterclass Overview

Photography Club - Masterclass

Photography Club - Masterclass

LifeTime Outdoor Practical Sessions Including Photo Critique

3-5 hours per session

Schedule - One Sunday Session/Month

Group Training - Only $699 / 12 Sessions

1 To 1 Training - NA

Photography Mentor: Keith Low

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Will Be My Photography Mentor?

Each participant will be guided by Keith or Alan

Why Pictorial Doesn’t Have Editing or Post Processing In Our Course Module?

Pictures are created by the photographer’s intention, it should not be purely an end product of an editing software. Ever since Pictorial started guiding students in our photography courses, post processing techniques via editing software were kept out of reach for our participants. Understanding photography techniques via full manual level of control and not P/A/S modes, camera systems and lenses, correct usage of filters & understanding nature of lighting will replace the need of going through any editing process for one picture. We live in a digital age where even our mobile phone could do some simple photography editing tasks, so using software editing could be a much easier task compared to using experiences which most of the people do not have in photography. However using experience instead of a software although tiring, could give you a marvellous sense of satisfaction. In Short, it is our holistic way of practicing photography.

If There Is Only My Sign-up In A Particular Date Which I Sign Up For, Will Pictorial Postpone It?

We are busy, you are as well, we believe that as long as a Pictorial student has already signed up for a course which even though has insufficient participants, we should continue in conducting the course. It’s our way of showing you our appreciation for trusting us with your precious time for the course and signing up with us. This redefines standards, in common photography course practices by other courses vendors. So officially there is only a 1 minimum participant requirement in our Course, Lessons, Class, Workshop & Guided Field Trip. Keith will continue to conduct the Photography Course, Lessons, Class & Workshop even when there is at least 1 participant, unless it is due to unforeseeable wet/bad weather conditions.

I Hate Indoor Sessions, Will There Be Too Many Indoor Sessions?

A proven formula, this is the way Keith has practiced since he started photography! Keith believes that the best way of gaining photography understanding is through practical experiences, e.g.; when you attend a driving course, how many theory and practical will you have to go through. The answer is there, Maximum practical and less theory. Gaining photography techniques or brushing up your photography level is to go outdoor and practice that in our opinion is the best way to learn and gain experiences Instead of reading on photography books, signing up online photography course or spending endless nights on browsing photography related contents through the internet. You can’t have too much theory sessions as photography is not done by taking down notes in classes. To understand photography, gaining real shooting experiences outdoor, you need to go out there and see how lighting changes, understand the characteristics of your camera/lenses and see the fault within yourself thus rectifying it.

I Need To Reschedule due to Personal Commitments!

Have problem with one of your Courses, Lessons, Classes & Workshops registered dates? No worries, we are fully flexible, you may reschedule your missed photography session infinitely. Just make sure you inform Keith at least 3 hours before course commencement.

Will It Be Overly Crowded Per Photography Session?

In Pictorial, we value quality training, so every session will be capped at 6 participant per session, now you can truly enjoy your photography session and interact more with your photography mentor.

After My Photography Course, Can I Still Speak To Pictorial For Photographic Related Advises?

Of Course You May! To Pictorial, you are friends to us rather than just customers so after the course assistance will still be given to you. Simply call up, WhatsApp, email or SMS Keith anytime.

Can I join the course if I don’t have a camera or tripod?

Of course, we can provide complimentary camera loans & tripod.

What’s the maximum participant per class?

7 Participants

Our Courses SkillsFuture Credit Eligible?

We apologize for the inconvenience, Pictorial courses are not eligible for SkillsFuture Credit Currently.


  • I did the basic course of 2 x 6hr sessions. Keith was very thorough, professional and patient. I feel now like I know what most of the buttons, dials and words mean. Keith has a passion for photography which is infectious. I will be continuing to learn with him and the team.

    Max Beasley Nikon User
  • Dear Keith, Thanks for your guidance this far in my first try in DSLR/DSLT camera. You've been very professional and patient in your teachings. I really appreciate your commitment to make sure I learn somthing from you at the end of each session. 🙂 I've uploaded some of the pictures taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Fort Canning for viewing. Cheers!

    Thomas Chee Sony SLT User
  • Hi Keith I am back home now and want to thank you for the memorable photography course. You have given me invaluable tips on how to create stronger photographs and I hope I will improve. Here is a link to one of my videos with my photographs that I took during the course. It's just a slideshow I created on iPhoto: ( You were right - I could have got some wonderful photos of star trails in Bintan Island as the moon was so bright. However, I wasn't even getting clear photos of the moon. It used to smudge in the photographs and I am not sure why! So I didn't get a single good picture of the moon or any star trails 🙁 The night photographs of Singapore turned out brilliant and I have only you to thank for it! 😀 Wish you a happy holiday season and do keep in touch!

    Shaili Poddar Canon DSLR User
  • I am very very impressed with John in the amount of patience and professionalism he has with the class. Alan is also really good support. Wished the class was longer 🙂 Thanks Keith, you have a great team

    Ms Dorothy De Silva FujiFilm User
  • As a totally fresh beginner with absolutely zero knowledge on digital SLR photography, I was very happy that after the 3-day workshop with Keith, I was shooting on full manual mode! The hands on approach enabled me to confidently go forth and continue experimenting, exploring and shooting on my own. I’m really pleased with the results I’ve been able to achieve with my photos post the workshop; even my family and friends are most impressed. It also helps knowing that I can always go back and ask questions and advice from Keith, who is most passionate about his art.

    Sue & Friend Konica Minolta DSLR User
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