Photography Courses Overview

Brief Overview

Welcome to the exciting world of photography! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your skills, diving into the art of capturing moments and creating visual stories is a rewarding and fulfilling journey. Photography allows us to freeze time, evoke emotions, and share unique perspectives with the world.

This introduction aims to lay a solid foundation for your photographic endeavours, covering essential concepts and techniques that will help you embark on this creative adventure. From understanding the basics of composition and lighting to mastering camera settings and post-processing, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to express yourself through captivating images.

Photography is not just about owning the latest equipment; it’s about honing your observation skills, training your eye to see beauty in the every day, and developing a visual language. Throughout this learning process, you’ll discover the power of storytelling, capturing the essence of a moment, and conveying emotions through your photographs.

In this journey, you’ll explore various genres of photography, from landscape and portrait photography to street photography and still life. Each genre presents unique challenges and opportunities, allowing you to find your own artistic voice and style.

Through practice, experimentation, and continuous learning, you’ll improve your technical abilities and develop a critical eye for composition, lighting, and subject selection. Along the way, you’ll find inspiration in the work of renowned photographers and engage with a supportive community of fellow enthusiasts who share your passion for this art form.

Remember, photography is as much about self-expression and personal interpretation as it is about technical proficiency. Embrace your creativity, trust your instincts, and allow yourself to take risks. With time and dedication, you’ll witness your skills grow and witness the world through a new lens.

So, grab your camera, explore the possibilities, and let the journey into the captivating world of photography begin!

Basic Courses



3 Sessions In Total: 1 Theory + 2 Outdoor Practical Session

1.5 - 2 Hours Per Session

Mentor : Keith Low

Group Format Course Fee - $285/Participant

1 on 1 Private Format Course Fee - $375, Bring A Partner at $187.50/Partner

Basic For Beginners

Basic For Beginners

3 Sessions In Total: 1 Theory + 2 Outdoor Practical Sessions

2 Hours Per Session

Mentor : Keith Low

Group Format Course Fee - $315/Participant For 3 Sessions

1 on 1 Private Format Course Fee - $420 For 3 Sessions, Bring a Partner at $210/Partner.

Basic Topics Covered

Key Focus 1: Understand your camera, lenses & accessories, choosing the right camera and equipment

Key Focus 2: Basic understanding in photography composition & techniques

Key Focus 3: Aperture/Shutter/ISO, basic control, your camera in full manual

Key Focus 4: Basic light control, obtaining proper exposure

Key Focus 5: Basic Depth of Field control and understanding

Key Focus 6: Applying various photography composition, and lines in photography

Key Focus 7: Enhancing knowledge in light control, understanding light metering

Key Focus 8: Usage and understanding pros and cons of photography techniques

Key Focus 9: Understanding light; Quantity vs Quality

Key Focus 10: Depth of Field Control, when it is required.

Key Focus 11: Demystifying Night Photography (Only For Night Photography)

Key Focus 12: Using your flash the correct way (Only For Night Photography)

Intermediate Courses

For Experienced Beginners

For Experienced Beginners

4 Sessions In Total: 4 Outdoor Practical Sessions

2 Hours Every Session

Mentor : Keith Low

Group Format Course Fee - $385/Participant For 4 Sessions

1 on 1 Private Format Course Fee - $540 For 4 Sessions, Bring a Partner at $270/Partner

Intermediate Topics Covered

Key Focus 1: A Photographer’s Buddy : Imagination

Key Focus 2: Strengthening of topics covered in basic

Key Focus 3: A 2 dimension picture

Key Focus 4: Further understanding in light exposure, in various condition

Key Focus 5: Handling tricky lighting situation

Key Focus 6: Bringing Emotions in Pictures

Key Focus 7: Cultivating the eye for photography

Key Focus 8: Understanding and using zone focusing techniques in street conditions

Comprehensive Courses

Complete (Basic + Intermediate)

Complete (Basic + Intermediate)

7 Sessions In Total: 1 Theory + 6 Outdoor Practical Sessions (3 Session Basic + 4 Session Intermediate)

Please Refer To Individual Page For Course Contents

2 hours Every Session

Mentor : Keith Low

Group Format Course Fee - $420/Participant For 7 Sessions

1 on 1 Private Format Course Fee - $630 For 7 Sessions

Please Note : To Purchase This Course Package, Please CLICK HERE

Extensive (Complete + Masterclass)

Extensive (Complete + Masterclass)

12 Sessions In Total: 3 Sessions Basic + 4 Sessions Intermediate + 5 Sessions Masterclass

Please Refer To Individual Page For Course Contents

2-3 hours per session

Mentor : Keith Low

Group Format Course Fee - $599/Participant For 12 Sessions

1 on 1 Private Format Course Fee - $949 For 12 Sessions

Please Note: The Price Shown Is Only Available In the Extensive Course Package, To Purchase Credit, Please CLICK HERE

Advanced Photography Courses

Masterclass Overview



5 Sessions In Total: 4 Outdoor Practical Sessions + 1 Photo Critique

2 hours per session

Group Format Course Fee - $480/Participant For 5 Sessions

1 on 1 Private Format Course Fee - $840 For 5 Sessions

Photography Mentor: Keith Low

Please Note : To Purchase Masterclass Credits, Please CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions


  • The first thing I had on my mind after coming to Singapore was to find a good short term photography course. In fact, I was in this quest since a very long time. I always enjoyed my photography but somewhere back in my mind I had this urge to be better. I knew that special something was definitely missing. I started focusing on the technicalities of photography, discussed on various forums, but still wasn't satisfied. Amongst various courses/workshops available in Singapore, Pictorial's course contents and teaching methodology was exactly what I was looking for. Actually, more than course contents, I was interested in adequate personal attention from a professional photographer. The advanced photography workshop was a big confidence booster for me. I was really very impressed by the thought process and passion for photography of Master Keith. I consider myself fortunate to get a chance to do the Master's course under the guidance of Keith. Over these past few months, I have learned a lot of new techniques and "do's" & "don'ts" of professional photography. Still a lot to learn though. I am getting better at photography, day by day. Thank you Keith, for showing me the direction towards what I want to achieve out of my photography passion. Sincerely Yours

    Saurabh Bagkar Nikon DSLR User
  • Dear Keith, Thanks for your guidance this far in my first try in DSLR/DSLT camera. You've been very professional and patient in your teachings. I really appreciate your commitment to make sure I learn somthing from you at the end of each session. 🙂 I've uploaded some of the pictures taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Fort Canning for viewing. Cheers!

    Thomas Chee Sony SLT User
  • Hi Keith I am back home now and want to thank you for the memorable photography course. You have given me invaluable tips on how to create stronger photographs and I hope I will improve. Here is a link to one of my videos with my photographs that I took during the course. It's just a slideshow I created on iPhoto: ( You were right - I could have got some wonderful photos of star trails in Bintan Island as the moon was so bright. However, I wasn't even getting clear photos of the moon. It used to smudge in the photographs and I am not sure why! So I didn't get a single good picture of the moon or any star trails 🙁 The night photographs of Singapore turned out brilliant and I have only you to thank for it! 😀 Wish you a happy holiday season and do keep in touch!

    Shaili Poddar Canon DSLR User
  • Hi, Yong Meng here wanna thank Keith and the rest of the students for the sharing session! Thanks for giving me a very positive first step towards the world of photography. Keith was very patient and I can recognize the effort he puts in for us. Thank you once again

    Yong Meng Canon User
  • Hi Keith, Both Ju Song and I appreciated the course that we just took with you. Indeed, those lessons have helped us to have a better understanding of our camera and how we can capture better quality pictures. We look forward to that day where we can tell what parameters to use without giving a second thought. I guess that will become possible if we continue to shoot often enough in manual mode.

    Albert & JuSong Nikon & Canon DSLR User
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